The SP2000 is an energy optimization, management and monitoring system.  

PMI's SP2000 units are affordable, innovative electrical power correction and measurement systems that optimize and balance electricity consumption.  Our systems reduce overall electrical energy bills, providing an ROI in less than 24 months.  

The unique system monitors multiple electrical parameters in real time and generates continual automatic power corrective measures (per phase) that optimize voltage imbalance, current imbalance, harmonic distortion, neutral line current, and power factor.  These automated corrective actions result in reduced electrical energy costs and improve equipment performance.  

The system also provides a complete internet accessible power monitoring system that records and displays years of critical electrical information such as voltage, current, power factor, voltage and current imbalance, neutral line current, harmonic distortion, and energy savings.  



Reduce electricity and get an ROI payback of less than 24 months!!


 480V Data Sheet