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U.S. Manufacturer Awarded Patent for Unique Energy Management Systems
Staten Island Based North American Manufacturing Enterprises Celebrates U.S. Patented SP1000 Models A, B, and E

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK – August 20th, 2015 – Power Metrics International, a North American Manufacturing Enterprises brand, is the leading manufacturer of power management optimization systems for buildings, facilities, and commercial properties and was recently awarded a US Patent for its SP1000 energy management systems earlier this month. “The SP1000 is ideal for most facilities that operate with inductive motors and boasts advanced software that allows end users to remotely monitor their buildings,” commented Kirk Roller, Executive Vice President at North American Manufacturing Enterprises. “This is a game-changing technology and we are extremely excited to have our smart energy management systems available in this market.”

Wasted energy capacity, also known as poor power factor, is often overlooked in commercial facilities. Typical power factor levels even in new commercial and industrial facilities can range from 65 to 90 percent resulting in additional financial charges in many cases. The SP1000’s power correction capabilities help mitigate energy loss and reduce consumption up 20% putting energy saving costs back into the pockets of the consumer. “This unique system guarantees and quantifies kilowatt-hour savings by reducing losses in power delivery, identifying and reducing harmonics, correcting system imbalances, increasing equipment efficiency, and optimizing power utilization,” explained Tom Spinelli, Founder of North American Enterprises. “This highly innovative US manufactured system is US patented and UL certified, and there is nothing on the market quite like it.”

The advanced tech energy management system can be used in buildings and facilities that utilize inductive motors to operate air conditioners, elevators, conveyor belts, or refrigeration systems and comes equipped with a complete internet accessible power monitoring system known as SPIDER that records and displays 2 years of critical electrical information. SPIDER, also known as Sensor Perfect Interactive Data Exchange Routines, is an easy to use windows based platform that works in conjunction with the SP1000 units. It is designed to capture key data elements useful for managing utility costs. “The SPIDER software that accompanies the SP1000 models is a huge advantage to facility and building managers because they can remotely monitor the building’s efficiency,” said Akram Khalis, Electrical Engineer at Power Metrics International.

Power Metrics International Press Release

The SP1000 models A, B, and E come in either 208 volt or 480 volt versions and can reduce energy usage up to 20 percent once installed. Because the SP1000 models have a novel switch they are 100% more efficient than traditional switchable KVAR or capacitor boxes, have a 3 year warranty, and a lifespan of over 10 years. “We are thrilled to see the impact the SP1000 is having on our current customers. Their savings are real and the testimonials and letters are representative of their excitement. Not all devices delivered as promised but it is clear that is not the case with the SP1000,” Roller stated.


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